KaBlam!- Anemia and Iodine

KaBlam!- Anemia and Iodine

Anemia and Iodine is a one-time short that only appears on the KaBlam! episode "What The Astronauts Drink."

In this cartoon, Anemia plans to visit Malaria Manor where she and Iodine hold a seance, hoping to contact the spirit of a cat owned by Mrs. Malaria. However, Dropsy wants to tag along. As they hold the seance in the dining room, only for Dropsy to interfere when he yells "I wanna play!" scaring Anemia and Iodine, but it's not long before they hear a faint "meow".

Anemia puts tuna and a flashlight on Dropsy's head to look for the "cat ghost", but when Dropsy finds it, Anemia and Iodine find that it was only a black kitten, who Dropsy befriends and curls up on his head.

As they all leave, Dropsy leaves with the black kitten on his head.