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Anemia and Iodine title card

Anemia and Iodine (stylized as Anemia & Iodine) is a traditional animation segment created by well-known alternative comics artist, painter, writer and performer Krystine Kryttre, and directed by Robert Scull (who worked beforehand on Rocko's Modern Life). It was seen in the Season 1 episode "What the Astronauts Drink!" as part of the Surprising Shorts segment on the Nickelodeon animated sketch comedy KaBlam!.

An anthropomorphic cat named Anemia, her best friend Iodine and Anemia's noisy brother, Dropsy, visit spooky places, while searching inside of them for paranormal activity.


Anemia.jpg Anemia (voiced by Becca Lish)

She is the oldest of the trio and she acts as the older sister towards Iodine. She specializes in the occult arts including Excorcism, Clainvoiance and communicating with spirits.

Iodine.png Iodine (voiced by Becca Lish)

She is from her age the middle of the trio and she acts as a sister for of Anemia. She always helps Anemia out during her missions.

Dropsy.png Dropsy

He is the youngest of the trio and she acts as a brother for Anemia and Iodine. He is energetic and ready to take a risk if he wants to accomplish the goal.


Anemia plans to visit a haunted place called Malaria Manor. She heard about the story of Mrs. Malaria, who had left her mansion 13 years ago and never came back. Her cat, still waiting for her return, became a ghost over time and couldn't find peace. Believing that the ghost cat must be hungry, Anemia and Iodine plan to hold a seance, so that the spirit can wander to the otherworld after having its last meal. Dropsy, wanting to tag along, is stopped by them so that they have no distraction for their task.

After arriving at the Mansion (and Anemia expressing her fondness of the place by finding the atmosphere to be "chillingly spooky"), they go to the dining room, wanting to hold the seance in there. Unbeknownst to them, however, Dropsy tagged along, wanting to be part of the team, too. He interferes the two by yelling: "I wanna play!", scaring Anemia and Iodine, but it's not long before they hear a faint meow.

They decide to put tuna and a flashlight on Dropsy's head, making him bait, while Anemia and Iodine are looking for the "cat ghost." When Dropsy found the ghost, he begins screaming loudly. Thinking he is in danger, Anemia and Iodine quickly run to him, but when they arrive, they only find Dropsy playing with a black kitten. Anemia checks the kitten out if it's cursed, but doesn't find anything suspicious.

Wanting to have the kitten on his head, Dropsy once again shouts loudly: "I want my kitty!". Agreeing with that, Anemia, Iodine and Dropsy all go back home, thinking the whole story is merely a spook. However, when the kitten is seen again, it forms a creepy looking face, implying that a ghost is indeed possessing it.


Creative Producer: Krystine Kryttre

Director & Producer: Robert Scull

Written By: Krystine Kryttre & Robert Scull

Supervising Producer: Krist-Ann Pehrson

Story Editor: Vince Calandra

Executive Producer: Mary Harrington


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KaBlam! Anemia and Iodine